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Child labourers:
Learn about child labour through the lives of three ex-child labourers.

Working Hard:
Understand more about the types of work child labourers do.

Online Expert:
Find answers to questions through the Child Labour Handbook and online questions.

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  • Child Labour Handbook
    1. What is child labour?
    2. How many child labourers are there and where do they live?
    3. What types of work do child labourers do?
    4. Why do parents send their children to work?
    5. Why do employers use child labour?
    6. What's being done to stop child labour?
    7. Do boycotts help end child labour?
    8. Isn't child labour necessary for a country to develop?
    9. Who's responsible for child labour?
    10. Will child labour be eliminated in our lifetime?

Simulation Game:
Step into the shoes of a social worker with the goal of eliminating child labour.

Stop Child Labour:
Discover the four-step approach used by the Born to be Free project to stop child labour.

Teacher Resources:
Information and resources for teachers to make effective use of this website.

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