Good work / Bad work quiz

Test yourself to see if you can tell the difference between good and bad child work. Read the 10 work snapshots and select your answers.

To understand the difference between child work (good) and child labour (bad) read the descriptions in the Child Labour Handbook

Rosie Work snapshot 1 – Rosie
Rosie is 13 years old and goes to school. When she gets home from school, she prepares dinner and looks after her 5-year-old sister until her mother gets home from work. In the evening she does her homework and sometimes spends time relaxing with her friends.

Mikhil Work snapshot 2 – Mikhil
Mikhil is 14 years old and proud to be part of the freedom fighter group his dad, uncles and cousins support. Right now schooling is not as important as making a better future for the people of his country. Yes sometimes things are not nice but it’s for a good cause.

Jimbo Work snapshot 3 – Jimbo
Jimbo’s school is overcrowded and poorly run. He knows his parents struggle to pay the school fees because the family often goes hungry. Jimbo is 11 years old. He decided it was more worthwhile to work as a recycler on the streets rather than go to school.

Geeta Work snapshot 4 – Geeta
Geeta has worked in the family’s coir-making business for as long as she can remember. She’s now 9 years old. It’s a team effort and every one has to work hard to make sure the family has enough to survive. She’s never been to school but that doesn’t bother her – her parents didn’t go either.

Hope Work snapshot 5 – Hope
Hope finished school because her mother got a new job and needed her to run the house. Hope works from 6am until 7pm doing the chores and caring for her younger brothers and sisters. Like any 14-year-old she likes to hang out with her friends in the evening but she is too tired.

Joesph Work snapshot 6 – Joseph
Joseph is 10 years old. His family has a small farm. At harvest time he is expected to help out. This means he misses some school. It’s hard work and very tiring. On the days he can go to school he falls asleep at his desk. His classmates laugh at him but understand.

Ajit Work snapshot 7 – Ajit
Ajit’s ambition is to be an engineer so he studies hard. His parents struggle to keep up with the family’s needs and school fees. Ajit, at 15 years old, is strong enough to work after school and weekends at the brick-making factory. It’s very tough but necessary to achieve his goal.

Jono Work snapshot 8 – Jono
Jono is a very good student. After school he completes his homework with plenty of time to play with friends. Sometimes his uncle asks him to run errands. The uncle knows the police will not stop him – he’s only 11 years old. Jono doesn’t know it is illegal drugs he is delivering.

Radha Work snapshot 9 – Radha
Radha’s parents were unable to pay a debt so they agreed for the moneylender to use Radha’s labour as a bond until it was fully paid. Radha is 12 years old and works 10-hour days at a match factory. She is abused if the boss does not think she has worked hard enough.

Sarita Work snapshot 10 – Sarita
Sarita is 8 years old. Her parents work long hours to support the family and pay the school fees. They want Sarita to have a better life than they have known. Recently the family got two goats to help make more money. Sarita is responsible for milking and looking after them.

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