Social action ideas

So you want to take action with your class that not only makes a difference for child labourers but is also an educational experience for your students. Here are some ideas to consider. Alternatively use them to spark your own social action idea.

Whatever social action you take consider contacting the media. Attracting media attention will reach a much larger audience increasing your efforts to raise awareness and spread the word child labour doesn't work.

Contacting the media pdf

Click here if you need to download a programme to read pdf files.

Born to be Free project fundraiser

Born to be Free

Take action together as a class for children like Arvind, Priya, Settu and Sudarmathi.

It's simple – here's what to do:

You'll receive a report and certificate acknowledging your contribution.

World Day Against Child Labour event

Stop Child Labour

June 12 is World Day Against Child Labour. Established by the International Labour Organisation in 2002, media events and local activities aim to raise awareness and support for the campaign to eliminate child labour. Find out what's happening in your area. Join in, or alternatively, create your own event.

For more details on World Day Against Child Labour.

Sweatshop fashion show

Sweatshop fashion show

Raise awareness, spark discussion, debate, community interest and action by preparing a class sweatshop fashion show. For all the details required to make this a successful educational experience visit Maquila Solidarity Network.

Writing letters

Improve communication skills while at the same time raising public awareness. Write a letter to either the editor of a newspaper or a member of parliament. Ask for an increase in the amount of overseas aid that goes to support primary education programmes, protect child rights and enforce labour laws in developing countries.

Writing an effective letter pdf

Join Rampant


Rampant is an online environment that is making change contagious. It provides information about children in crisis plus ideas and support for members to make a real difference. For example, a Rampant group (your class) can set up a unique URL, create a message board, an online photo album and feature stories, plus receive donations online for a chosen fundraising project. Students will learn new ICT skills and experiment with the impact of going global.

To join and find out more about Rampant groups visit the Rampant website.

Organise a 40 Hour Famine


The World Vision 40 Hour Famine is an annual event, in March. Around 150,000 participants go without food, or something else, for 20 to 40 hours to raise funds for children in need. These funds help stop child labour by releasing bonded children from labour, providing an education and improving family incomes. Perhaps your school already takes part, but if not, why not organise with your class the school's first Famine event.

For more information visit the 40 Hour Famine website.

The Education Team would love to hear about your social action. Please contact us.