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Meet the children and find out about child labour from child rights expert Reena in India. Learn how the Born to be Free project makes a difference in children’s lives.

Developed for the New Zealand Social Studies Curriculum, the website can be used for the Resources and Economic Activities strand, levels 1 to 6.

The Born to be Free Connection features:

  • Child labourers – stories, photo albums and student postcards for three ex-child labourers
  • Working hard – opinion poll and quiz, photo puzzles and work descriptions
  • Online expert – Reena in India answers student questions online in Term 1 2006
  • Child labour handbook – FAQ answered using text, photos and graphics
  • Simulation game – decide how to eliminate child labour in your area
  • STOP child labour – what it takes to set a child free, calculation challenge, and postcards to the Young Pillars club
  • Teacher resources – Social Studies Curriculum links, student worksheets, guidelines for using the site and more.

Registration and participation is FREE:
You can register online or print an offline registration form and send/fax it to us.

Registered schools:

  • receive regular updates with information and instructions to assist with running the programme
  • receive passwords for sending postcards to the children and Young Pillars club
  • can send questions to our online expert in India, Reena, in Term 1 2006.

This interactive programme gives students and teachers the opportunity to combine learning with social action that will make a difference.