Take Action

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So you want to take action to STOP child labour. Here are some ideas to get started or use them to spark your own.

Tell a friend

Tell a friend
Email a friend about the Born to be Free Connection. Choose a part of the website you'd like them to look at or invite them to play the online game Eliminate – child labour. You can add your own message telling them what you've learnt.

Tell World Vision

Tell World Vision
Tell World Vision what you think about child labour. We'd love to hear what you have been learning and doing as part of the Born to be Free Connection. Let us know about your plans to take action to STOP child labour.

Born to be Free

Raising money
Raise money to stop child labour with a Born to be Free fundraiser. Print the Born to be Free brochure for information. Set your fundraising target and plan how to raise your funds with these Fundraising ideas. You'll receive a report and certificate for your contribution.


Do the 40 Hour Famine
The 40 Hour Famine happens every year in March. Participants go without food, or something else they rely on, for 20 to 40 hours. They raise funds for children in need, like child labourers. Your school may already take part, or you can sign up with a group or on your own. Visit the 40 Hour Famine website.


Join RAMPANT and start a group
Rampant is an online opportunity for people to make change contagious for children in crisis. Rampant also helps people raise money together. Rampant groups choose a fundraising project and receive an online fundraising page with their own URL, message board, photo album and feature stories. They can also receive donations online for their project. Visit Rampant groups for information and ideas to start a group.