Namaste (Hindi for hello). My name is Reena. I live in Mumbai, where you’ll also find Bollywood – the centre of India’s film-making industry.

Reena interviewing Priya
Reena interviewing Priya at the Born to be Free project

I’m passionate about child rights. So I studied to get a social worker’s degree specialising in family and child welfare. I have since completed further qualifications to better understand why children must work and learn about possible solutions to this problem.

I’m now working for World Vision India as a communication officer. This means I provide information and photographs for World Vision staff around the world. It helps that I speak English and also several Indian languages. I travel all over India, to projects like Born to be Free. I also cover emergencies like the 2004 Boxing day tsunami and the 2005 Mumbai floods.

Reena with the children
Reena passionate about the rights of children like these.

I sometimes travel overseas too. In 2003, I visited New Zealand speaking on behalf of child labourers in India. I visited many schools and churches. Mary Lambie also interviewed me on her T.V.1 Good morning show. I remember New Zealand as a peaceful and quiet place. Not like India, where there are so many more people.

I’m an active member of the Child Rights Network, and I research and write articles. I was very pleased when my article on child labour was published in Femina, a leading women’s magazine in India. Research papers I have contributed towards were presented in New York at the 2004 and 2005 Commission for Status of Women.

I’m delighted to be your online expert. I hope that what you learn about child labour inspires you to join with me to speak out on behalf of child labourers. Together we can help make a better world.